jeudi 13 septembre 2012

Disco Kaos is proud to present its autumnal program, carefully chosen to go with the fall of the leaves and the first waves of cold rain.
For your comfort and your pleasure, this october evening will take place in a small dark cellar and will be driven by three solitary electronic projects.

As autumn always turns our eyes to the East, it will be the appropriate time to listen to one of the most creative artists from underground Serbia and one of our favorite contemporary new wave artist: ALONE. A lot of emotions and surprises are to be awaited from his synth modules, samplers and his very particular voice. Don't be ashamed to dance while crying.

Also, to open the bal, we will have the company of two neighbourhood's musicians who like to dance in the thrash cans of cold wave and minimal electro: for this special event, AME DE BOUE and FROE CHAR will try to match there synths like balkan violins and make everyone cry while dancing.

For bitter hearts only. 


(Echoplay, Treue um Treue, Nacionalna Asocijacija za Umetnost i Kulturu, 0.5, ...)
Hi-tech electronika, cold wave tunes and futuristic landscapes. Solo project from Nikola Vitkovic (Illegalne Emocije, Alone in heaven, Magma trakt..)  from Belgrade / Serbia.

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(Free loving anarchists, Beko - Paris)
Minimal synthgaze one girl's band. 

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(Treue um Treue - Paris)
One man's bizarre wave band. 

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