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24/03/2012 (t)reue um (t)reue in Paris

Disco Kaos is proud to invite you to
a meeting with (t)reue um (t)reue 


WERMUT was founded in 2001 in Hamburg, Germany, by Laszlo P.S. and Sofia E.R..
Laszlo and Sofia had already been partners in crime for a couple of years under the moniker ANENCEPHALIC CRETINISTS, and were involved in various musical ventures within the virtual universe of The idea behind WERMUT was to use cold, modern electronic sounds, mixed here and there with antique instruments, to explore themes of a romantic, nostalgic and esoteric nature. An attempt for the duo to come to terms with the crisis of our modern times and express the increasing bitterness they felt in a sickly-sweet, overly self-satisfied world.
WERMUT’s music has been said to escape any easy or strict genre-labelling, always balancing between 80s–style minimal-electro and post-industrial. In recent years, their sound has seen a marked evolution towards a more progressive approach, acknowledging such influences as Berlin School, Kraut-Rock, guitar-drones and Cascadian Post-BM… Moving insidiously from post-apocalyptic minimal-wave to psychedelic prog-electro, WERMUT still claim Tradition in general and the works of French metaphysician René Guénon in particular as their main and ever-growing source of inspiration.
Their works so far have been released on OLD EUROPA CAFÉ, KERNKRACH, ENFANT TERRIBLE and PUNCH RECORDS, as well as on their own (T)REUE UM (T)REUE label, and include collaborations with NOVY SVET, HIS DIVINE GRACE, ECHO WEST, FIENDISH FIB, Ô PARADIS and AIT!
In 2008, Laszlo and Sofia have been joined by multi-instrumentalist Leo from the experimental project NIEDOWIERZANIE. Other occasional members include Falko Grau on drums, Formalhaut B on saxophone and D.B.P.I.U. (Die Bekannten Post-Industriellen Urpferde) on additional vocals.

New album "ATTENDRE" LP (rur021)
Finally the second album by the Berlin-based French multi-instrumentalist. Three years and many live gigs after the self-titled debut, Niedowierzanie’s music has lost nothing of his maestria and exotic flavour. The complex compositions using a variety of acoustic instruments and digital effects still tell us of faraway places, conjuring vivid pictures of south-American landscapes, Mediterranean balconies and eastern harbours. But it has also become more accessible, leaving behind the long experimental pieces and turning instead to shorter, more rhythmic, even danceable songs full of Bohemian romanticism and Mediterranean flair. Dreamy, lazily swaying ballads alternate with somber pieces like funeral marches in the heat and dust of a summer evening, revealing sudden pangs of unease and anguish behind the flowing southern nonchalance. With “Attendre”, Niedowierzanie delivers a masterpiece of Post-Mediterranea worthy of such legends as Novy Svet or Mushroom’s Patience.

Out soon "L"inconfort nécessaire" LP (tut021) 
Treue um Treue are happy to present the debut album and first ever release by AME DE BOUE, the solo project of Dasz, one of the two men-behind-the-machines in the Franco-Belgian outfit DOLINA. If the family resemblance cannot be denied – especially in the nag for sweeping, synth-driven cold-wave anthems – AME DE BOUE’s music is also more personal and intimate, with a raw edge and an urgency which command the listener’s emotional involvement on each track, from the dance-floor orientated electro songs to the eerie Third Wave ballads and the more introspective, angst-laden waltzes. A distant sense of threat and a definite claustrophobic mood pervade the album, relieved here and there by touches of black humour, echoes of 80s New Wave and electro-punk surges. Welcome to the Saturday night’s ball on the isolation ward!

+ Muzak selection by Joli Monstre & Classic Dilemma

+ Distro (t)reue um (t)reue & Disco Kaos

Saturday 24/03/2012 
Doors 20h30 / First gig 21h
8 euro 

La Mécanique Ondulatoire
8 passage Thiéré, 75011 Paris

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