lundi 15 octobre 2012

a meeting with (t)reue um (t)reue (second edition)

Friday 23 Nov 2012
A meeting with (t)reue um (t)reue 
second edition

Hermetic Wave from Ratzeburg 

Out of the alchemical furnace of the Coeur du Monde studios comes the latest musical and hermetic endeavour of WERMUT’s Laszlo PS and Sofia ER : LO†PH. Their music combines Witch House gloom and Techno Wave coldness, somewhere between Mater Suspiria Vision, The Mover and Clock DVA, distilled with delay-drowned incantations and pitched cut-up rhymes.

audio extracts:

Blackened Bohemian Lament from Berlin

 The enigmatic SORGE delivers a thoroughly unique brand of tortured chamber black metal: grim and burlesque, angst-ridden and tearful, with Mediterranea and Combat Folk undercurrents. Estaquean BM at ist best!

Hathor Kyrhiaria
 Ritual Cowish Transcent from Brussels

Obscure duet driven by Najah (Dolina, :Codes, Betticyclop...) and Tzii (Solar Skeletons, Duflan Duflan,
V-Atak...). Strange rituals dedicated to the egyptian mother cow.

Hathor Kyrhiaria - Sacrifice by Tzii

After Synth pop oddities with our special guest Dj Arpeggiascope from St Etienne.
A lot of electronic weirdness and minimal ringuardises to dance by!

Record stand (t)reue um (t)reue

@ La Mécanique Ondulatoire / 8 passage Thiéré 75011 Paris
 (metro Bastille or Ledru Rollin)

 Doors: 20h   Entry 8 euros
(first show 21h / end shows 24h)



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